Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Postcard from England, June 1919

My translating project is coming along well. I am about ten letters into the story of a young Danish lady's journey from Denmark to Canada in 1919. At the moment they newlyweds are in Cambridge, England and the stories are rich with descriptions of endless tea parties, military balls and boat rides on the river. It is very interesting being tossed ninety years back in time reading about the day to day life. She is sending home photos and and receiving photos from Denmark in the mail and it is very obvious how special and cherished these photos are at the time. In the stack of letters I came across the postcard seen in the picture above. A wonderful composition and quite detailed in the original. I can only imagine the care and planing which must have gone into capturing this photo. On the flip side of the card it was also interesting to read the very brief address written. It simply went, Mr. Wolff, Viborg, Jylland, Denmark. The equivalent to that in Canada would be something like, Mr. Wolff, Kelowna, BC, Canada.

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