Sunday, May 10, 2009

Eagle vs. Osprey Chase

My experience with wild life photography so far has been somewhat limited. So I thought I would enter the arena with some bird photos. Birding as we call it is extremely challenging as it take patience, practice and really good gear in order to obtain good results.

As my good friend Henrik however states; "Everything is relative". Relative to what I say taking a look at his long 500mm lens, which is about a foot longer than my lens. And I am thinking he is going to get really nice shots with that thing. I am convinced Henrik is a bad influence. I think I may have gotten the wild life bug from him.

We went out to shoot on Friday afternoon and while we had a great time in a group of four the action was not fantastic. Henrik and I returned to the same spot Saturday afternoon. It was a clear sunny day with a bit of harsh sunlight but all in all okay. Our expectations were low due to the low activity level the day before.

After shooting for a little while it all took a cool twist. The osprey had left the nest and came back with a fish. A couple of eagles and crows figured that they would steal the fish and the greatest chase scene occurred right above our heads. We were scrambling with our lenses and tripods on shore, bumped into each other, changed memory cards, ran out of battery just as it started but in the end I was pleased with the outcome considering it was one of my first outings.

Henrik stated that he'd never seen anything quite like this shooting wild life for quite some time. Thanks Henrik for dragging me out. It was also great meeting Sherry and Mark on the shoot Friday afternoon but where were you guys Saturday :-)


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