Sunday, March 28, 2010

O'Keefe's Landing B&B

The new site for O'Keefe's Landing Bed and Breakfast is now online. We have provided all the photos for the site so make sure to check the photo gallery. A great place to stay in Vernon right on Okanagan Lake and Mary-Jo and David will take good care of you. You can count on it.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Lumby Stars, Pee Wee Provincial Champions

The parents of the Lumby Stars Pee Wee hockey team called me up again and to use their own words; We are ecstatic, our boys won the Provincial Championship and we have no choice but for you to come back and shoot them again. I was in Lumby just a month ago shooting a concentrated looking team. This week it was a relaxed group of players and coaches that met me and it was all smiles across the board. Congrats on the championship Lumby.

Link to more shots from the Lumby Stars.


The Olympic Flame, Vancouver Winter Olympics

Although we were a bit late to the party we could still feel the Olympic atmosphere in the air while visiting Vancouver a couple of weeks ago. I should mentioned that the Paralympic Games were still on and but unfortunately we did not have time to take in any of the events. We did however get a chance to stop by the Olympic Flame on the waterfront in Vancouver. We were told that waiting times to get up on the viewing deck during the olympics were about six hours. Things had certainly slowed down as we walked right up a took a few snaps of the flame.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Zihautanejo Mexico

What a place. It won't be the last time we set foot in Zihautanejo. Only I think we will stay a bit longer next time. Hidden from the larger hotels you often see on the coast of Mexico, Zihautanejo is a gem in my eyes. Of course you see many tourists here, but it was quaint and a very pleasant experience. We were visiting friends who were eager to share the experience of the town and surrounding areas with us. What a treat it was. They took us to the ten mile long beach at Barra de Posoti and to several excellent restaurants. Thanks guys. We really appreciate the hospitality from the "locals".

Link to check out a few more shots from Zihautanejo.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Coldplay, Mexico City

Around lunch time on Sunday March 7th, while in Mexico City, Sharon asks us if anyone would care to go see Coldplay. We had no idea that they were playing in Mexico City but didn't hesitate for a second. What an opportunity! We got ticket right away and headed out for the concert which proved to be at a much bigger venue than I had anticipated. I didn't know all the songs at the show but did sing along to hits like, Clocks, In My Place, Yellow, Fix You, Viva La Vida and the Scientist. Lead singer Chris Martin was simply amazing and I enjoyed many of the songs I'd never heard before.

I encourage you to check the link below to the official Coldplay blog post, which describes the concert very well.

Link to more Coldplay photos.

Link to the official Coldplay blog post from the concert.


Mexico City

The blog has been quiet for a couple of weeks but it has been quite the opposite for me. I have been away for spring break and had an adventurous time in Mexico City (and Zihautanejo separate blog post to come). We were visiting with good friends in Mexico City. Our friends live in the beautiful Polanco area with parks, cafes, and plenty of restaurants nearby. It was the perfect base and we couldn't have wished for better tour guides. Mexico City won our hearts with a perfect blend of history, art and colonial architecture. One of the highlight was a visit to the Zocalo in the heart of the city where we viewed the awe inspiring murals painted by Diego Riviera. The visit to the pyramids and the Frida Kahlo museum also stands out as memorable and educational. Mexico City is a dream destination for a photographer. I brought four lenses to Mexico but for the most part I ended up shooting with just my 16-35 or 135 mm attached to the 5D II.

Check out more shots from Mexico City via the link.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"The Bridge" - Cello Quartet Portrait

Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting the local cello quartet; The Bridge. A bit of panic set in as we had scheduled to meet right in the middle of the gold medal hockey game between Canada and the US. Fortunately we postponed the shoot so we all got to witness Crosby's golden gold. It worked out quite well as we ended up shooting late afternoon in the golden hour. I have been told that "The Bridge" have a rocky edge playing everything from folk to rock to classical. Unfortunately I have not had a chance to hear them play yet. I am sure I will catch them soon on a local stage. Stay tuned for a poster for the quartet, which we will put together very soon.