Friday, May 1, 2009

Getting Out The Bikes

It has been a long wait this year but spring is here (for sure this time) and yesterday we finally got the bikes out. A couple of years ago we spoiled ourselves and both got new hybrid bikes. Hybrid does not stand for more miles per gallon but for a blend between a mountain bike and a road bike. These bike are flat out awesome and I always enjoy going out for a ride. Last night we picked a route from the newly released Vernon Map Book. The route took us up Middleton Mountain. We sat down (but only for a minute) and took in a gorgeous evening view of Kalamalka Lake.

Then we rolled back via Sarsons Road which has a great view of Hillview Golf Course. Last but least the route took us through the quiet areas around of East Vernon Road. I brought a small back pack with the camera and couple of lenses along for the ride.

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  1. Buenos dias Senor y Senora Byskov y los ninos, Mik y Princess, como esta?

    Great to read the blog and see spring is in the air - photos as always are perfect - I can even smell the new grass and the fresh mountain air!

    Adios del Nexico

    Sr Leighton


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