Tuesday, May 25, 2010

KYSA Cup Kamloops

A couple of trips to Kamloops over the long weekend and four soccer games later we have a bag of new memories from this great soccer tournament. We do not have a great end result to brag about this year but a couple of tied games gave us plenty of excitement. The girls can be proud as they never gave up. Thanks to the coaches for all your hard work and for spreading such a great tournament atmosphere.

(Tech Talk Warning)
In the first shot below check out the great view I had in the last game on Sunday in Kamloops. The second shot below shows my main soccer setup. It is a Canon 1D Mark III with an EF 300 2.8L IS. Depending on the shots I am after I shoot this lens with or without the 1.4x extender. Using the extender the focal length goes to 420mm with a max aperture of f/4. The first photo above is the 1D with 300 + 1.4x extender. On day one of the tournament I chose to travel light and shot only with the EF 135 2.0L on the 1D III and the EF 16-35 2.8L on the 5D II.

Check the link to see all the shots from the 2010 KYSA Cup Tournament.

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