Monday, May 17, 2010

James and the Country Gentlemen Concert

I met James and the Country Gentlemen for the first time about a year and a half ago. We were doing a shoot for a poster as the gentlemen wanted to get out and play more gigs. The gentlemen, Stefan Raupach, Daniel Favell and Johan Linghor, have since done very well for themselves. Last year they the won the Valley's talent competition and it was evident to me that these young fellas had practised, practised and practised in order to put on the performance I witnessed at the Okanagan College on Saturday night. Being a guitar player myself it is humbling to see these guys whip up one great solo after another, taking turns backing each other up with a solid rhythm pattern. Another great guitar player, Neil Fraser, is the guy behind the scenes. I believe he has taught each of the gentlemen and the group. He was on the sound board Saturday tapping his feet and following every single note from the stage. After the concert the gentlemen came up to me and thanked me for showing up. They offered me a copy of their CD, which I really appreciate. This is the kind stuff which makes being a photographer all worth while. Thanks for a great experience.

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