Monday, May 10, 2010

Cosen Bay Hike, Vernon BC, Canada

It has been a long time since I last did the hike to Cosen Bay on Kalamalka Lake. So long that I forgotten how beautiful and tranquil an experience it can be. Although this trail is public and only 3.5 km each way, I still got the feeling that I was the only person there in the middle of the vast and beautiful landscape. I can easily imagine what it would have been like for the first settlers to have made this trek down to the lake. I was warned by a few other hikers to watch out for rattle snakes. They had just seen one. Luckily I was spared this experience. I also met a nice gentleman who in awe at the look of my camara gear said; "That's the kind of camera i needed last summer". A grey horned owl nested near his home on Kal Lake last summer. He had many amusing stories of the whole ordeal including the story of a robin attacking the owl at one point. He promised to give me a call if they come back this year.

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