Monday, September 14, 2009

Mark Knopfler - Get Lucky

On the music scene nothing excites me more than a new album release from Mark Knopfler. His sixth solo album, "Get Lucky", hit the streets today. So why is this artist so special to me? It started back in '79. Yes I am afraid that is now thirty years ago. I clearly recall the first time I listened to Sultans of Swing from the first Dire Straits album. It was a distinct guitar sound and blend of chords, riffs and vocals I have been hooked on ever since. Mark Knofpler is however so much more than the Dire Straits days so if you haven't tuned into his solo albums... tune in now.

Back in '79 I was in my first band. We wrote down the lyrics to Sultans of Swing by listening to the vinyl LP. We then performed it live to the best of our ability. I had borrowed a Fender Strat and practised the song over and over and over again. I never mastered it despite an avid attempt.

I have seen Mark Knopfler live on four occasions. First time was in Copenhagen at a Dire Straits concert in '92. It was a huge concert and I was about twenty five meters from the stage, dead centre, in the rain and with my jaw dropped in awe. Next gig I saw was at the Royal Albert Hall in London England in 2001. It was a great experience to see Knopfler in his home town. In 2006 we caught Mark and the band in Vancouver and last but not least we saw the show last summer in Kelowna. The photos in todays post are from the Kelowna show. The 2010 tour includes a stop in Vancouver so I better chase down some tickets.

Well the new CD is sitting right here in front of me. Perhaps I should try it out.

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