Friday, September 11, 2009

Canon 7D

(Tech Talk Warning)

After much speculation among camera buffs rumours were confirmed last week of the new Canon 7D. Every time Canon releases a new camera I wonder; is this one for me or is this one to skip? I usually ad or switch cameras about every two years. My current cameras are the 5D mark II and 5D. Both are full frame cameras and work very well, especially the later 5D Mark II has exceeded my expectations. There are times though where the focusing system and frames per second are limiting with the 5D II (4 fps.). The 7D brings a new pro level auto focus system and 8 frames per second to the table. This indeed sounds interesting for a camera, which will retail for $1200.00 less than what I paid for my 5D II just six months ago. The big deal breaker for me however is the fact that the 7D is a 1.6x cropped sensor. For me this is just not attractive. I have become accustomed to the look of the full frame photos and are not willing to trade frames per second and autofocus ability for this particular look. Let's see what Canon have up their sleeve in regards to a 1D IV. Will it be full frame or a 1.3 crop? Only time will tell.

For a couple of reviews of the the 7D I suggest:

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