Thursday, April 23, 2009

Neil Young Concert in Kelowna

It was a huge treat to witness one of Canada's greatest rock legends last night. Neil Young is currently touring through Canada and lucky for us he made a stop in Kelowna. I was at the concert with a good group of friends which made it even more enjoyable. I would certainly characterize myself as a Neil Young fan but I still do not master his huge library of songs, now spanning about five decades. Going into to last nights show I was thinking that I would have a hard time stomaching some of his louder stuff by it was quite the contrary. This guy really knows how to rock and witnessing it live was amazing. Neil Young pulls out is arsenal of guitars, from old beat up Gibson Les Pauls to the gorgeous Gretsch and Old Martin acoustic he bought from Hank Williams. Nice stuff when you enjoy great guitars.

The set list had plenty of variety. Some well know classics such as Cinnamon Girl and Cowgirl in The Sand hit the spot with the audience. He did have a nice acoustic section with songs like Four Strong Winds, Unknown Legend, Heart of Gold and of course Old Man with the classic banjo solo performed by Larry Cragg.

Hats off to Neil Young for still doing this stuff at his age and holding up very well for a two hour plus concert. Five stars for this one. A huge thanks to Denise, Lorraine and Rick for helping me with my camera gear last night.

Check out all the photos from the concert via this link.


  1. Very nice shots. I looked at all the photo's and the 5d 2 pictures are very clean. Did you try using a little higher ISO on any shots?

  2. I didn't really find a need to go above ISO 1000 and didn't experiment. Most shots are in the range of ISO 400-800.

  3. Real nice. Thanks.


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