Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gorgeous Days in The Okanagan

I know I have been stuck on the topic of weather lately. Everyone I meet agrees, it's been a long and unusually cold winter around here. It is such a relief to be able to report that the last few days have been absolutely gorgeous. Monday we reached 19 degrees and it was sunny for the most part of the day and it is sunny again this morning and temps will get up around 21. This of course means that the soccer fields will be ready soon and everywhere you look people are getting out and on with their spring activities. Monday was a great day for photos. I started the week with an interior real estate shoot, a nice home in the lower East Hill.

Then we drove up to Salmon Arm where I walked the streets of Salmon Arm for a while and played tourist. A gentleman approached me when he saw my big lens and said; what could possibly be interesting to photograph around here he asked?

Then we rushed onto a soccer game at the local high school. Unfortunately it proved to be a bit of a challenge to find this particular high school and we only had time (again) to take in the first half before we had to head back to Vernon. The game was set on a field high above Salmon Arm with the Shuswap Lake in the background. A beautiful spot. We later learned that our team lost 4-0.

Back in Vernon we drove by the skateboard park in Polson Park and I noticed the beautiful evening light and decided to capture some of the action in the park. I talked to a group of freestyle BMX riders and they agreed to deliver the action. A nice day to be in the Okanagan, that's for sure.

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