Sunday, February 22, 2009

Volleyball - Kelowna Meet

The girls played another three games on Sunday at UBC Okanagan in Kelowna.

Link to my SmugMug site to see all the photos.

(Tech Talk Warning)
My post today will be very tech talk oriented as I am contemplating the addition of new camera.

I am looking to pair my 5D with a second camera so I put myself through a bit of a shootout at todays volleyball game. Using the Canon 5D, 5D Mark II and 1D Mark III. Unfortunately I had to shoot JPEG with the 5D II as I do not have software to convert the RAW files. Just working through my raw footage the 1D generally produces more keepers due to better AF and FPS.. no surprise here. The files were a tad bid better than the 5D files.. again no real surprise. This was the second time I got to try out the 5D II and I liked it more this time. However it seemed I had to shoot at a higher ISO to obtain the same exposure... ie. on the 5D and 1D III, I was at 2.8 1/500 ISO 1250. For the 5D II I had to bump the ISO to 2000 to get what looked like similar results. And in post processing it still seemed that these files were a bit under exposed. I am in no way out to bash the 5D II here and it would have been nice to shoot RAW here. You can certainly see the extra MP in the files but I had to get used to the LCD and reading the histogram in order to trust my exposure. I suspect it would take some getting used to no matter which camera I decide to pair with my 5D. Volleyball is far from all I shoot so the decision will be based on much more than this. In the end I think you could get good results with either camera. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see how well my 5D did in this test but also realize this is the camera that I am used to operating. Thanks to Carl and Christina for lending me gear. It is much appreciated.

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