Friday, February 6, 2009

Hot Air Balloon Glow - Vernon Winter Carnival

The 17th annual hot air balloon glow took place just after dusk today. I met Carl and Christina who drove up from Kelowna for the event. They brought along a couple of friends from the Kelowna Photo club, Dan and Marianne. So the stage was set. I decided to try for a different angle for this shot so I ventured across the Street to The Village Green Hotel where they kindly let me have a room on the top floor so I would have an almost birds eye view of the event. As much as you get from the 7th floor anyways. I was not really too happy with my shots from this spot so much to my surprise my favorite shot from the event was actually taken right at the cross walk going back, with the camera in one hand, the shot was rushed, at the wrong f/stop and now posted here for you to see. I played a bit with this one in Photoshop. To be honest the display was a bit disappointing and my fellow photographer friends from Kelowna agreed with me that the hot air quickly fizzled out of this one. Dinner afterwards however was more enjoyable.

While I was on the top floor of one of the tallest buildings in Vernon I thought why not take an evening shot of 27th Street and Vernon on a not so bad winter's eve. So here it is from the majestic 7th floor.  

I decided  to post one of my balloon shots taken from The Village Green Hotel after all:

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