Friday, November 21, 2008

Canon EF 70-200mm 2.8L - Lens Review

An Unscientific Review by Morten Byskov -

I added the 70-200 2.8L in the fall 2005 after selling my EF 70-200 4L. While I had been happy with the 4L the 2.8L is a much better lens for me. It is sharper and the extra stop adds so much in the form of being able to control depth of field and of course makes it possible to shoot at lower ISO maintaining faster shutter speeds.

I also have the EF 135 2L and the two are close in performance. The 135L still looks that little bit sharper to me and is a favorite for portraits due the great bokeh. The shot below was taken with the 70-200 2.8L.

In many shooting situations however the 70-200 2.8L adds so much in the form of versatility. When looking at the 70-200s the 2.8L IS of course was an option but I chose not to get it after trying it out. I find the non-IS sharper and easier to handle. Perhaps a non-issue for some but I found the IS just that little bit too heavy. While the IS is paramount to some I found it a bit gizmo like and found the picture quality better for the non-IS. The new EF 70-200 4L IS is getting rave reviews from most users and should be considered if you are looking for lighter weight option and image stabilization. It would indeed be a great lens for travel use. I mostly use my lens for sports and as of lately in the studio.

I've used this lens with a 1.4x converter on the 5D with acceptable results. I've shot sports, events, some scenics, concerts, theater and much more with the lens and warmly recommend it.

View photos taken with the 70-200 2.8L in my SmugMug Gallery.

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  1. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    70-200 f 2.8 amazing bokeh and good picture
    thank you :)


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