Friday, November 21, 2008

Canon EF 300mm 2.8L IS - Lens Review

An Unscientific Review by Morten Byskov -

I first set out to get the Canon EF 300mm 2.8L IS back in 1992. I had actually ordered it and before it shipped I got cold feet and went for the f/4 version instead. Clearly I had wanted this lens for quite some time before I acquired back in November 2007. I have now had the lens for a little over a year and feel I can give some input.

First of all I debated between the 400 and 300 as I shoot a bunch of soccer. The weight and not at least the price made the decision quite easy though. I’d have to say I am glad I went with the 300 as it is very versatile. I use the lens mainly with a 5D and the setup is much lighter than I expected – especially if you take the grip and tripod collar off. I’ve used it like that for a few cross-country ski races where I find myself running all over the place. For soccer I use the grip and stick the combination on a monopod.

The 300 2.8L IS is everything I knew it would be. Great color, great bokeh, focuses fast, it’s sharp and a delight to use. I rarely leave for a shoot without it. I’ve shot a variety of sports, theatre, landscapes, birds and more.

Feel free to check out some of my shots in this EF 300mm 2.8L IS Gallery


  1. I just purchased this lens after seeing your shots! I too have a 5D MKII, Other than soccor as you mentioned - Do you hand hold or do you use a tripid, monopod?

  2. Most often I will use the 300 handheld but for long games such a soccer or volleyball I may use a tripod for part of the game. Rarely do I use a tripod but it does happen for night time or scenics where the shutter speed just drops too much


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