Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hazy Tuesday

We are feeling the effects of the forest fires in the area. The fire at Fintry fire is closest to us and the winds have changed over the last couple of days so the area is now engulfed in smoke. This morning we also have ashes in the air. I shot this shot clip at Kin Beach last night.

View a larger version here.

(Tech talk warning)
I shot the video as a bit of test after upgrading the firmware for my Canon 5D II. The latest firmware 1.1.0 upgrade allows for full manual control of aperture, shutter speeds and ISO settings when shooting videos. As a photographer this upgrade is crucial as it give much better control over the depth of field. The video is shot with two lenses, 85 1.2L II and 300 2.8L IS, and mostly at max aperture.

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