Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Skiing Finally

Today we made it out for our first ski... finally. We simply ran out of excuses and took a break from our busy lives and headed up to have a look around at Silver Star first. Silver Star has it's busiest days of the year between Christmas and New Years and judging by the parking lots, today was no different. After the recent cold snap it seemed as if the whole city of Vernon had decided that today was the day to hit the slopes. Conditions are ideal with human temperatures and lots of snow. 

We were cross country skiing today so we headed over to Sovereign Lake and strapped on the skis for an easy first ski of the year. It was great to feel the skis glide on the perfectly groomed trails. I got a pair of fancy new Swix poles for Christmas and I can proudly report that they do a great job. Now we just need to get the guy who pushes these poles in shape. 

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