Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mount Robson

On August 6th we made a magnificent stop by Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. We rolled by late afternoon and could not have picked a better time. From a photography standpoint it was interesting to cover the scene with lenses ranging from 16 mm to 700 mm.

Some trivia on Mount Robson from

The peak of Mount Robson is the highest in the Canadian Rockies, towering 12,972 feet (3954 m) over the western entrance to the park. As well as occupying a portion of the Main (Park) Ranges of the Rockies, the park, one of the oldest in British Columbia, also contains the headwaters of the Fraser River, and, in the northwest section of the park, the massive Berg Glacier, notable for being one of the few living (or advancing) glaciers in the Canadian Rockies. Before the discovery of Mount Waddington on the central coast in 1925, Mount Robson held the distinction of being the tallest mountain in British Columbia.

For more photos from Mt. Robson follow the link.


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