Friday, January 9, 2009

Teaching in Salmon Arm and The Hawk

It is always rewarding to spend time with kids talking about photography. Today I was fortunate to have the attention of 13 gifted students in the Salmon Arm area. I will be teaching them some tricks of the trade over the next four Fridays. Today we watched a quick video and then I went on with a presentation about aperture, shutter speeds, depth of field and the rule of thirds. The kids hung in there even for the trickier parts. At the end of the day they were showing progress composing and capturing some nice shots. I will be back next Friday.

On my way home along Swan Lake near Vernon I pulled over to shoot what seemed like a nice sunset from the highway. As I stopped the car I was less enthused. However much to my surprise in the tree right above I caught the hawk shown in the picture above. There was absolutely no wild life in sight just a few days ago when my friend Henrik, an avid wildlife / nature photographer, was visiting. And then in the last three days I've spotted several good shooting situations I am sure he would have enjoyed.

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  1. I'm starting to suspect you have a remote control for these birds of prey!


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