Saturday, October 4, 2008

Denmark - a visit back home

It had been about five and a half years since I last took a trip back to Denmark. I grew up there and lived there till I was 28 years old. This time around I decided to make it a surprise visit. It was a great way of doing it and I will never forget surprising my brother in Copenhagen and my cousin and the rest of the family on the West Coast in Lemvig. I spent a few days in Lemvig where I grew up and then took the train to Copenhagen where I spent a few days with my brother. I wish I could have stayed a bit longer so I could have visited more of my friends and family but I will have to save that for next time

Of course the camera was never out of reach. One of the places I visited was the fishing town of Thybor√łn. It is usually extremely windy in this part of the world so I couldn't believe my luck when I had a sunny week and hardly any wind.
I decided to travel light so I had left my longer lenses at home. I just took the 5D no grip, the 16-35L, 85L and 135L . Follow the link for a trip to Denmark

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